Automatic Aluminum Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

The Automatic Aluminum Tube Filling and Sealing Machine is designed for the efficient filling and sealing of metal soft tubes, making it an ideal solution for packaging products in the paint, pharmaceutical, food, hair coloring, and chemical industries.

  • Increased Efficiency: Automated filling and sealing processes streamline production, saving time and boosting overall productivity.
  • Improved Product Consistency and Quality: Automation ensures uniformity in product quality, enhancing customer satisfaction and brand reputation.
  • Reduced Manual Labor and Errors: By minimizing human intervention, the machine lowers the risk of errors and reduces labor costs, ensuring a more cost-effective operation.
  • Enhanced Traceability: The integrated date and batch number printing function simplifies tracking, improving inventory management and quality control.
  • Easy Mold Changes: The versatile design allows for quick and simple mold changes, accommodating diverse tube types and meeting varied packaging needs.
  • Simplified Cleaning and Maintenance: Quick-loading connectors facilitate easy disassembly and cleaning, reducing downtime and ensuring a hygienic production environment.
  • Reliable Performance: High-quality components from trusted brands guarantee durability, reliability, and optimal machine performance, maximizing return on investment.

Automatic Aluminum Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

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  • Wide Range of Metal Soft Tubes: Designed to accommodate various metal soft tubes, making the machine suitable for diverse industries and applications.
  • Easy-to-Change Mold System: Enables quick and simple mold changes, allowing the machine to adapt to multiple tube types, increasing its versatility.
  • Accurate Color Code Detection with PLC Control:The advanced PLC control system ensures precise color code detection for consistent product quality and minimized errors.
  • Enhanced Traceability with Date and Batch Number Printing: Integrated printing function improves traceability, simplifying inventory management and quality control processes.
  • Quick-Loading Connectors for Easy Disassembly and Cleaning:Facilitates efficient disassembly and cleaning, reducing downtime and maintaining a hygienic production environment.
  • Stable Machine Operation with High-Quality Pneumatic Components: Incorporates top-quality pneumatic components to guarantee reliable and consistent machine performance, optimizing production efficiency.



Applicable Industry


Parameter Specification
power 220V 50Hz (Customized)
Filling range 0-150ml
Tube diameter 13-35mm
tube length 0-250mm
Measuring accuracy ±1%
Motor power 1.1 kW
Speed 10-60 pcs/min (adjustable)
size 1200×800×1600mm (L×H×W)
Weight 580 kg
air pressure 0.5MPa

Component Breakdown

name brand Qty origin
motor Qipeng 1 set Wuxi
Stepper motor and controller XINJE 1 set Wuxi
PLC Siemens 1 set Germany
touch screen Weinview 1 set Taiwan
Solenoid valve JELPC 1 set Zhejiang
Cylinder JELPC 1 set Zhejiang
Decelerator  Jiahe 1 set Zhejiang
AC contactor Schneider 1 set France
Approach switch Autonics 1 set Korea
Color mark sensor Panasonic 1 set Japan

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