Blister Packing Machine

  • Advanced Sealing Technology:Ensures secure, air-tight packaging for your products.
  • High-Speed Operation:Maximizes efficiency and throughput in your production line.
  • User-Friendly Interface:Simplifies operation and reduces training time for staff.
  • Customizable Blister Configurations:Allows for easy adaptation to various product sizes and shapes.
  • Robust Construction:Designed for durability and long-lasting performance in demanding production environments.

Blister Packing Machine

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  • Improved Product Protection:High-quality blister packaging preserves product integrity and extends shelf life.
  • Enhanced Visual Appeal: Attractive, professional packaging enhances your product’s marketability.
  • Reduced Waste: Precise blister forming and cutting minimize material waste and reduce overall costs.
  • Streamlined Integration:Easily integrates into existing production lines for seamless operation.
  • Low Maintenance:Engineered for reliability and ease of maintenance, reducing downtime and overall expenses.


Elevate your packaging process with the Blister Packing Machine, a high-performance and adaptable solution designed to cater to your diverse blister packaging requirements. Experience efficiency, accuracy, and reliability like never before.



Applicable Industry


Parameter DPP-150(B)
Cutting Frequency (t/min) Al-Al: 10-25, Al-Plastic: 10-50
Max. Forming Area and Depth (mm) Al-Al: 130×130×14, Al-Plastic: 130×130×26
Travel Range (mm) 60-130
Air Pressure (Mpa) 0.4-0.6Mpa ≥0.2m3/min
Total Power 380V/220V 50Hz 3.6kw
Main Motor Power (kw) 0.75
Forming Aluminum (mm) 0.1-0.15×150
PVC Sheet (mm) 0.25-0.5×150
PTP Aluminum Foil (mm) 0.02-0.035×150
Dialysis Paper (mm) 50-100g×150
Mould Cooling Tap water or circulating water
Overall Dimensions (mm) 2350×560×1410 (L×W×H)
Weight (kg) 750

Component Breakdown

Item Specification Manufacture
Touch screen TK6070iH Taiwan Weinview Company
PLC FXINI40ER Taiwan Delta Company
Frequency Converter VFDO15B43A Taiwan Delta Company
Temperature module FX2N-4AD-PT Taiwan Delta Company
Servo motor ECMA-E21310RS Taiwan Delta Company
Servo driver ASD-A2-0721-L Taiwan Delta Company
Encoder ABS-3-360-2-N-24 Xinya
Breaker DZ47-63/3P40A China Chint Group
Breaker DZ47-63/1P10A China Chint Group
A.C Contactor CJX2/3210 China Chint Group
Urgent stop switch Y090(11TS) Onpow
Proximity switch J2-D4NK-M Baideli
Delay proximity switch J6-D7NK-T2 Baideli
Photoelectric switch BZJ-211 Baideli
Switch power 110/220V Taiwan Delta
Solid relay MGR-1D4840 Migair
Mid-relay MY2NJ OMRON

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