Drip Coffee Packing Machine

Meet the Drip Coffee Packing Machine, a cutting-edge solution streamlining your coffee packaging process while delivering exceptional product quality. Elevate your business and enhance your customers’ brewing experience with this innovative and efficient machine.

  • Special drip filter bag: Improved brewing and fashionable design, enhancing customer experience and attracting new customers
  • Comprehensive automation:Streamlines bag-making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, and batch number printing, saving time and labor costs
  • Precise control system:User-friendly MMI for easy operation, adjustment, and maintenance, reducing downtime and increasing productivity
  • Servo motor-driven inner bag controller:Ensures accurate positioning and consistent bag length, resulting in uniform packaging and improved product quality
  • Hygienic brewing:Non-woven fabric drip inner bag and ultrasonic sealer provide perfect sealing and neat appearance, ensuring product safety and meeting hygiene standards

Drip Coffee Packing Machine

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  • Precision: Drip coffee packing machines can accurately measure and dispense coffee grounds into individual packages, ensuring consistency in the amount of coffee in each package.
  • Efficiency: These machines can quickly and efficiently package large quantities of coffee, reducing the time and labor required for manual packaging.
  • Customization: Drip coffee packing machines can be programmed to create customized packages with specific branding and labeling requirements.
  • Versatility: These machines can handle a wide range of package sizes and formats, including single-serve packets, individual bags, and bulk bags.
  • Freshness: By packaging coffee immediately after grinding, drip coffee packing machines can help preserve the flavor and aroma of the coffee, ensuring that customers receive a fresh and satisfying product.



Applicable Industry


Specification Details
Sealing Type Three-sided sealing
Measuring Range 1-10g/bag (other specifications upon request)
Inner Bag Dimensions L 70mm * W 90mm (other specifications upon request)
Outer Bag Dimensions L 120mm * W 100mm (other specifications upon request)
Power Supply 220V/50HZ, single-phase
Total Power 3.7kW
Total Weight 660kg
External Dimensions 13508502200mm (LWH)

Component Breakdown

1 PLC Inovance H1S-2416MT-XP
2 Feeding Motor ZHONGDA 3RK15GN-C
3 Temperature Controller WINPARK CHB401
4 Steeping Motor LEADSHINE 86HS45D-M
5 HMI Fbox FE4070C
6 Switching Mode

Power Supply

MIBBO (Taiwan) MPS-150W48NIS
7 Solid State Relay China HHG1-1/032F-38
8 Cylinder AIRTAC (Taiwan) TN20X30S-CD1200A
9 Electromagnetic valve AIRTAC (Taiwan) 4V210-08
10 Date Printer China HP-241

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