Four Side Seal Packing Machine

The Automatic Wet Wipes Packing Machine is designed with advanced technology, suitable for producing moist towelettes in various sizes and packaging. This versatile machine is ideal for manufacturing wet wipes across multiple industries, including food, cosmetics, stationary , hardware, daily-use products, and pharmaceuticals.

  • Adaptable to Various Industries: Suitable for manufacturing wet wipes across multiple sectors, including food, cosmetics, stationary, hardware, daily-use products, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Customizable Production: Accommodates different wet wipe sizes and packaging requirements, enhancing flexibility in the production process.
  • High-Speed Output: Boasts 90-110 bags/min production speed, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Four Side Seal Packing Machine

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  • State-of-the-Art PLC Control Technology: Ensures seamless operation and precise control over the packaging process.
  • Servo Motor Falling Film & Stable Air Pump Assistance: Guarantees smooth film placement and elimination of static interference.
  • User-Friendly Touch Screen Display: Offers easy operation with a multi-language interface for effortless programming, control, and tracking.
  • Comprehensive Packaging Process: Streamlines assembly, folding, liquid addition, sealing, and cutting for a high-quality final product.
  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction: Provides easy cleaning and low maintenance, enhancing the machine’s longevity.



Applicable Industry


Parameter Specification
Packaging Form Horizontal four-side sealing/three-side sealing
Packing Material Heat sealable PET, OPP, BOPP/AL/PE, CPP laminate film
Wet Tissue Material 30-80g/m2 air-laid paper, nonwoven, spun lace, nonwoven fabric, etc.
Packing Speed 90-110 bags/min
Folding Type Max 10 folding vertical, 4 folding horizontal
Liquid Added Range 0-10ml (precision ±0.5ml; viscosity under 20000(cp))
Installed Power 10KW (total power of about 4.8KW)
Power Supply Single phase two wires 220V / Three phase four wires 380V, 50/60Hz
Control Panel Color touch-screen (Language on request)
Machine Dimensions L3200×W2400×H1800mm
Machine Weight 1100Kg

Component Breakdown

no name origin  Brand & Model
01 touch screen Germany Siemens
02 Servo motor Taiwan Delta ASDA 0.75KW
03 Servo motor Taiwan Delta ASDA 0.4KW
04 Main block (PLC) Germany Siemens Simatic S7-200
05 Temp block Germany Siemens Simatic S7-200
06 Extend block Germany Siemens Simatic S7-200
07 Solid contactor Shanghai SSR-25DA
08 Button Shanghai Yijia YJ139-XB2
09 Scram button Japan Yijia YJ139-XB2
10 Solenoid valve Taiwan ARDAKE 4V210-08
11 Cylinder Taiwan CQ2B series
12 Proximity Switch Zhejiang JM12-4D2K-FS
13 Color Sensor Shanghai Yatai GDJ-211
14 Air decompress valve Taiwan ARDAKE AP2000
15 Metering pump Japan IWAKI
16 Gear Motors Shanghai 61K250GU-CF
17 light Shanghai 24V
18 Tissue insert cylinder Taiwan ADAKE MPGM20*100

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