Full Automatic Cartoning machine

Our Automatic Cartoning Machine is a cutting-edge solution designed by integrating advanced domestic and international technology. This high-tech product incorporates light, electricity, gas, and mechanical components, significantly enhancing performance and efficiency while maintaining stability and reliability during high-speed operation.

  • Advanced PLC automatic control system:Streamlines operations and increases productivity for businesses.
  • User-friendly human-machine interface:Simplifies machine control and reduces training time for employees.
  • Overload protection with automatic stop:Enhances machine safety and prolongs its lifespan, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Automatic rejection system for defective products:Ensures consistent product quality and minimizes manual intervention, saving time and labor.
  • Comprehensive display of operational issues:Allows for real-time monitoring and improved efficiency in addressing potential problems.

Full Automatic Cartoning machine

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  • Stable performance and straightforward operation:Reduces downtime, increases output, and contributes to overall business growth.
  • Customizable automatic feeding mechanism:Provides flexibility in packaging various goods, meeting diverse business needs.
  • Seamless integration into existing production lines:Facilitates easy adoption and adaptation, with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.


What’s More?

  • Cutting-edge PLC automatic control system from top international brands
  • Intuitive human-machine interface for effortless navigation and management
  • Incorporated overload protection with automatic stop feature
  • Sophisticated automatic rejection system for missing packaging or manual handling
  • All-inclusive display of operational issues, alerts, and completed product counts
  • Consistent performance and user-friendly operation for optimized packaging workflow



Applicable Industry


Cartoning speed                          30-100 cartons/ min
Carton Quality requirements 250-350g/㎡ (depending on the size of the carton)
Dimension range (L×W×H) (70-200) mm× (35-120) mm× (14-70) mm
Compressed air Working pressure ≥0.6mpa
Air consumption 120-160L/min
Power supply 380V 50HZ
Main motor power 1.5kw
Dimension (L×W×H) 3150mm×1350mm×1800mm
Machine net weight About 1400kg

Component Breakdown

Symbol Name Item No. PC Remark
U1 HMI M 1 Weinview
PLC PLC DVP-32ES 1 Siemens
U3 Frequency Converter VFD015B21 1 Delta
QF1 Breaker DZ47 /3P/16A 1 Schneider
QF2 Breaker DZ47 1P/16A 1 Schneider
KM1 Contactor CJX2-1810/220V 1 Schneider
KA5 Relay MY2NJ/DC:24V 1 Schneider
KA1-KA4 Relay G6B-4BND 1 Schneider
KA6-KA16 Relay G6B-4BND 3 Schneider
U2 Switch Power S-50-24 1 Schneider
YV1-YV5 Solenoid Valve 4V210-08 5 AirTAC
M1 Motor CH32/1.5KW 1 China
S6-S8 Proximity Switch E2E 3 Omron
S1-S5 Photoelectric Switch E3Z 5 Omron
SA2 Position Switch LX19K-B 1 CHINT

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