Granular Premade Bag Packing Machine

  • VERSATILE POUCH COMPATIBILITY:Accommodates a wide range of pre-made pouches, including flat and stand-up pouches (with/without zip), offering flexibility for various packaging needs.
  • USER-FRIENDLY OPERATION:Features a PLC controller, HMI system, and fault indication on the touch screen, simplifying machine control and troubleshooting for your team.
  • QUICK ADJUSTMENTS:Allows for efficient changeover between different pouches in just about 10 minutes, maximizing production uptime and minimizing downtime.
  • SPEED CONTROL:Utilizes frequency control technology to adjust machine speed within the specified range, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.
  • HIGH AUTOMATION: Incorporates solid weigh-fill-seal technology for unmanned weighing and packing processes, reducing labor costs and increasing productivity. Machine alarms automatically alert users in case of failure, further enhancing production line efficiency.

Granular Premade Bag Packing Machine

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  • No-Fill, No-Seal Safety Feature:Ensures that filling and sealing only occur with correctly opened pouches, preventing product waste and maintaining quality. Machine alarms alert users in case of incorrect pouch opening.
  • Air Pressure Monitoring:Machine alarms and stops when inadequate air pressure is detected, ensuring safe and reliable operation.
  • Safety Guards With Safety-Switches:Enhances operator safety by stopping the machine and activating an alarm when safety guards are opened, maintaining a secure work environment.
  • Hygienic Construction: Utilizes SUS304 stainless steel for product contact parts, ensuring compliance with food safety standards and protecting product quality.
  • Imported Engineering Plastic Bearings:Eliminates the need for oiling, reducing the risk of contamination and maintaining a clean production environment.
  • Oil-Free Vacuum Pump:Prevents production environment pollution, contributing to a cleaner and safer workspace, and upholding product hygiene standards.



Applicable Industry


Parameter Specification
Production Line Premade Bag Packing Machine
Bag Types Standup bag, Portable bag, Zipper bag, 4-side sealing bag, 3-side sealing bag, paper bag, etc., and all kinds of compound bags
Bag Sizes W: 80-320mm L:100-430mm
Filling Range 5-1500g
Packing Speed 25-68 bags/min (depends on product and filling weight)
Auxiliary Equipment Multi-head Weigher, Bucket Conveyor, Working Platform
Package Accuracy Error ≥±1%
Total Power 4.5 kW
Compressed Air Requirement ≥0.4 m3/min

Component Breakdown

No Parts Name Model Quantity Manufacturer
1 PLC   1 OMRON (Japan)
2 Panel   1 Weinview (Taiwan)
3 Transducer ATV312HV075N4 1 SCHNEIDER (France)
4 Vacuum Pump KRX5-P-V-03 1 ORION (Japan)
5 Ribbon Coder   1 China
6 Main Motor   1 China
7 Stainless Steel Heater   2 China
8 Proximity Switch   2 OMRON (Japan)
9 Solenoid Valve SY5120-5DD-01 4 SMC (Japan)
    VP342R-5G-02A 1  
10 Cylinder MG 32*40 2 AirTAC (Taiwan)
    MA 20*20-CA 1  
    MA 16*20-CA 1  
11 Bearing     Igus (Germany)

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