Plastic Ampoule Form Fill Seal Machine

The Plastic Ampoule Form Fill Seal Machine  is a versatile and efficient solution for filling various types of liquids in different industries, such as lotions, nursing liquids, oral liquids, detergents, eye drops, nutrient solutions, beverages, edible oils, lubricating oils, pesticides, medicines, perfumes, and specialty chemicals. This machine features high automation, stable operation, high output, and exceptional quality, all at a competitive price.

  • Imported Electrical Components:Enhanced stability and reliability with upgraded electrical components from the original 240 model.
  • Rocker-arm Operating Interface:Allows for easy operation in any position of the machine.
  • Advanced Motion Control:Utilizes an HC high-speed, high-precision motion controller, stepless frequency conversion speed control, and servo motor-controlled film-pulling device.
  • User-friendly Interface:Features a simple human-machine interface for ease of use and operation.

Plastic Ampoule Form Fill Seal Machine

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  • High-quality Materials:Uses stainless steel 316L for parts in contact with the medicine and SUS304 stainless steel for the machine covers, meeting GMP standards.
  • Stable Bottle Design:The bottom of the bottle is flat, allowing it to stand up securely.
  • Automatic Film Handling:Offers automatic unwinding and film slitting, with photoelectric pattern matching for high-quality packaging.
  • Adjustable Filling Mechanism:Employs electronic peristaltic pump and mechanical piston pump control for easy adjustments.
  • Accurate Filling:Ensures precise filling without leaks, foam, or overflow.



Applicable Industry


Parameter Specification
Forming Depth (max) 12 mm
Cutting Frequency 15-25 pcs/min
Filling Head 5
Packing Material PET/PE, PVC/PE (0.2-0.4) x 240 mm
Filling Volume 1-50 ml/piece
Power 8.5 kW
Voltage 220V/380V, 50/60Hz, 3-phase
Weight 1200 kg
Overall Dimension 3200 x 850 x 1900 mm

Component Breakdown

Name Model Origin –


PLC TM241C40T Schneider
Touch screen HMIGXU3500 Schneider
Modular TM3TI4 Schneider
Communication cable XBTZ9008-3M Fanuc
Inverter ATV12HU15M2 Schneider
Contactor LC1E1210M5N Schneider


Circuit breaker OSMC32N4C40 Schneider
Circuit breaker OSMC32N1C10 Schneider
Switching Mode Power Supply ABL2REM2402


Emergency stop button XB2BT42C Schneider
Solid state relay MGR-1D4825 Mager
Cooling fin I-50 Mager
Enlarged edition S40194N-D24 China
Encoder RI41-0/360ER Danaher
Photoelectric switch TL-Q5MC1-Z OMRON
Approach switch LJ12A4-4-Z/BX



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