Sachet powder packing machine

Introducing the Small Vertical Packing Machine, a compact and efficient solution for all your packaging needs. Experience easy operation, durability, and exceptional performance in a space-saving design perfect for small-scale production.

  • Simple Operation:User-friendly design ensures hassle-free operation and minimal training requirements.
  • Easy Maintenance: Engineered for straightforward servicing and upkeep, minimizing downtime.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the demands of your production line and provide long-lasting performance.
  • Efficient Follow-Up Service:Rely on our prompt and effective support to ensure optimal machine operation.

Sachet powder packing machine

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  • CE Certified:Compliant with industry standards and regulations, guaranteeing quality and safety.
  • High Precision:Delivers accurate, efficient packaging without damaging materials.
  • Fully Automatic:Streamlines the entire process, including feeding, measuring, bagging, date printing, charging, and product output.
  • Advanced Tracking:High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracing and numerical input for cutting sealing position ensures extra accuracy.


Upgrade your packaging process with the Small Vertical Packing Machine, a compact and efficient solution tailored to meet the needs of small-scale production. Experience simplicity, durability, and high performance in one user-friendly machine.



Applicable Industry


Product Powder
Measurment: Screw feeding
Hopper capacity 10L
Measuring range: 1-5ml/5-10ml/10-20ml/20-50ml/50-80ml/80-100ml
Film width(Bag former): 40-240mm
Bag width 15-110mm
Bag Length L:30-210mm( If special order can do 250mm)
Packing speed: 15-60bag/min
Power Specifications: 220V,50/60HZ, Single Phase
Shape of the seal: back sealing, three side seal, four side seal (One machine do one sharp sealing)
Transverse sealing form: horizontal seal net pattern(1.2mm)
Cut off form: zigzag cutting or flat cutting (choose one )
Pull bag way: step motor
Weight: 210kg
Overall dimensions: (L)640*(W)700*(H)1580
Packaging film: Laminate film
Remark Mechanical Type


Component Breakdown

Sequence NO. Name of fitting Country of origin Brand
1 Controller panel Taiwan WEIVIEW
2 Color standard sensor

Electronic eye

Taiwan YATAI
3 Temperature control meter Taiwan YATAI
4 (if machine have bag link device )


Germany Pneulead
5 nverter Taiwan YATAI
6 Controler China TAICHUAN
7 Film  Motor China HEFEITESI
8 Printer China DINGSHENG
9 Step Motor China SHENDIAN
10 Solid state relays Taiwan YANGMING
11 Switching power supply Taiwan MEAN WELL

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