Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

The NJP-800C Automatic Capsule Filling Machine is an advanced, high-precision equipment designed to improve the efficiency and quality of capsule filling in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. It features innovative technologies, such as a new powder hopper, turntable, and powder recycler, ensuring a smooth and streamlined capsule-filling process.

  • Innovative Design:Features a novel structure and attractive appearance, enhancing the overall capsule-filling process.
  • Efficient Production:Replaces manual capsule filling, reducing labor intensity and increasing productivity.
  • Accurate Filling:Ensures accurate filling amounts in compliance with pharmaceutical, and sanitary standards.
  • Wide Capsule Compatibility:Applicable to both China machine-made capsules and imported capsules, with a finished product qualification rate above 97%.
  • Comprehensive Functionality:Combines capsule feeding, U-turning, separating mechanism, material medicine filling mechanism, locking device, and electronic speed varying and adjusting mechanism for a seamless filling process.

Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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  • High Output Capacity:Capable of producing 1,000-25,000 capsules per hour, ensuring efficient capsule-filling operations.
  • Broad Capsule Size Range:Accommodates capsule sizes ranging from #000 to #4, making it suitable for various applications.
  • Dual Control System: Utilizes both electrical and pneumatic control for accurate capsule positioning, separation, and locking.
  • Quality Components:Equipped with high-quality components from reputable manufacturers, ensuring reliable performance and long service life.
  • User-friendly Operation:Designed for ease of use, with an intuitive control panel and user-friendly interface.




Applicable Industry


Parameter Specification
Output 1,000-25,000 pcs/hour
Capsule Size #000-#4
Total Power 2.12 kW
Filling Formulation Powder, small granules
Air Pressure 0.03 m³/min, 0.7 MPa
Vacuum Pump 40 m³/h pumping rate
Net Weight 380 kg
Gross Weight 450 kg
Dimensions 1140 x 780 x 1600 mm
Export Package Dimension 1650 x 800 x 1750 mm

Component Breakdown

Name Model original QTY REMARK
Single pole rotary vane vacuum pump XDSERIES Shanghai 1  
Three-phase asynchronous motor Y263M2-4 Zhejiang 2  
Three-phase vertical gear reducer motor TJH400W-7.5:1 Jiangmen 1 Silent type
Frequency converter DVM-2S004G-02 Delisle 3  
Worm reducer (dual axis) NMRV50-15:1-63B5 Hangzhou, 1 Silent type
Worm reducer WPWD-40-40:1 Hangzhou 1  
Transformer JBK3-63 Ruian 1  
Intermediate relay JIX-2C OMRON 2  
AC relay CJX2-12 Schneider 2  
Circuit breaker DZ47-63 D20 Schneider 1  
Circuit breaker DZ47-63 C6 Schneider 1  
Emergency stop switch Y090-11X CHINA 1  
Control panel PC CHINA 1  
Filling cylinder SC50X125 AIRTAC 1  
Lock cylinder MAL100X80 AIRTAC 1  
Air filter regulator AL-2000 AIRTAC 1  
Photoelectric switch GL-8F Japan 1  
Proximity switch H12-D5NK         Shanghai 1  


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