Snus Automatic Packing Machine

Introducing the Snus Automatic Packing and Counting Machine, designed to efficiently pack 0.2g to 1g of Snus in small, non-woven fabric portions. Boost your production capacity while maintaining accuracy and quality with this reliable and adaptable solution.

  • Adjustable filling volume:Ensures precise portion control and consistency across your product line
  • Customizable moisture level:Tailor snus moisture content to suit specific product requirements, enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Variable packaging speed:Boost production efficiency while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to changing demands
  • Automatic alarm system:Minimizes downtime by alerting operators when film or tobacco material is missing, ensuring continuous production
  • PLC and human-machine interface:Simplifies operation and automates the entire line, reducing the need for manual intervention and increasing overall productivity

Snus Automatic Packing Machine

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Name Snus Automatic Packing and Counting Machine
Model QP-40
Packing Material Various combinations including Paper/Plastic, Plastic/Plastic, Plastic/Aluminum/Plastic, Paper/Aluminum/Plastic, and Filter Paper
Filling Range 1~10ml
Filter Paper Bag Size L: 35~145mm, W: 15-80mm
Accuracy ≤±0.1g/bag
Packing Speed 40-80 bags/min
Motor Power 220V (Customer acceptable), 50Hz, 1.5kW
Machine Size 6007901780mm
Machine Weight 400kg

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